Top 5 Must-Haves for Ultra Music Fest

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Ladies: We’re here to help YOU survive the Ultra Music Festival!



Ok babes, listen up!  Festival season is comin' up kickin' it off with Ultra Music Festival! You along with hundreds of thousands of your closest friends will descend upon one of the most epic music events that rages each year. Don’t worry, we got you locked down with our top 5 essentials to insure that you’ll be lookin’ bangin’ when you’re floating through the seas of people down in Miami, listening to artists like Steve Aoki, Avicii, Tiesto, and our Bro – Martin Garrix!


5 – Flash Tattoos

You’ll have all the guys down on South Beach thinking one thing – sexy. Sweeping the jewelry world, these stylish temporary tattoos are an easy way to express yourself in any setting! We can honestly say that on a golden tan base, nothing will drive the boys crazier than a well-placed Flash Tat.


4 – Small, Bohemian Clutch

Ladies. Must. Have. Where else are you going to store YOUR essentials? Your phone, gloss, HeadBro’s, his number, and all the other “go tos” need a comfy, but stylish spot to chill while you rage! We all know the most important thing to a girl in this world, other than her Daddy, is having that clutch by her side.

Festival Outfits

3 – Cut offs and Crop Tops 

Is there a more comfortable outfit to rock when the south Florida sun is blazin’ down on you? Hell no! Be sure to flaunt that flat belly you’ve been busting your ass in the gym to get. We are like you, we are tired of the sweaters and button ups – winter is over, now’s the time to show it off! 

 Festival Jewelry

2 – Stacks on Stacks of Bracelets

There ain't no thang as too much blang - especially when we are talking about Ultra. The more the better. No outfit is complete without some mixed-and-matched bracelets. We are digging these ones from  Vylet Collections

 Festival Sunglasses

1 – HeadBro Timbers

 Cause it's going down and you don't want to be the only one in your crew without these sunglasses.


So there you go, our top 5 must-haves to help you survive the craziest 72 hours you will ever know!



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Top Spring Break Destinations – Who’s ready to Rage?

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Listen up Bros and Babes – we are just like you; partying and pushing the limits is the name of our game! We are constantly searching for the best spots to rage and it got us thinking – where are the best spots to turn up? Whether you are turning 21, taking a week off from her, or going out with the girls after a rough break up, we are certain these destinations will make you go crazy in the club!




Come on, what better way to end your day on the beach than hit this massive pool party? We don’t care if you speak Portuguese, English, or whatever – you’re speaking our language if you want to go out and continue the party til’ the sun comes up. Scratch that- we’ll be partying until well after the sun comes up. Rinse and repeat the entire time we’re there.



In the words of our main man Will Smith – “I’m going to Miami" 

Miami, Florida

We all know South Beach is the spot! Three words: Ultra Music Fest. An electronic rave of babes, EDM, neon and where basically anything goes. Don't be surprised to catch bros and babes in a mix of bikinis {we aren't complaining}, tutus, body paint.. you get the picture.  Don't be caught without some neon sunglasses or rockin an HB TANK down in that pit!



 Three words… The. Yacht. Week.


The pictures say it all! Whether it’s Croatia, Greece, Thailand, BVI, or more – our Bros over at TYW make it happen! You can be sure to see the HB logo all over the place when hitting these destinations. It’s even been rumored that THE HeadBro himself often frequents these hotspots throughout the year, so if you’re lucky enough to meet him, be sure to have a shot waiting!





Just take it all in people! From the sickest pool parties at Rehab to some of the best DJ’s spinning at the local clubs – come on Bros, it’s VEGAS! Babes are always looking on point and Bros are ready to treat them to a drink. The party never. stops.

Trust us, these are all great spots to hit with your group but when it comes to the hottest of the hot, craziest of the crazy, only one place takes it all the way all the time – Cabo!

Don't forget to share all your Spring Break pics with us in your HB sunglasses and gear, so we can feature you.

Nuff' said.



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Our 5 Best Celeb Bromances

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With Valentine's Day right around the corner, we decided to flip the script and focus on arguably the most importance relationship with that special someone - not your girlfriend -  but your best bro. We are counting down our top 5 favorite bromances who take besties with testes to a whole other level. 

1. Justin Timberlake + Jimmy Fallon: When music and comedic genius collide, it's in the form of JT + JF. We'll admit it, if there was a chance for us to be the third wheel of this bromance, we'd jump right on board. If you have been living under a rock and haven't caught moments like History of Rap or when JT is impersonating JF, these guys are just f*ing awesome. #Hashtag can we be friends?


2. Kanye West + Jay Z:  We have found someone else who loves Yeezus as much as Yeezy loves Yeezus {are you following?}. No we aren't talking about Kim, but Jay-Z. Despite Kanye's crazy ass rants or questionable wardrobe choices, his boy Jay always has his back. Plus, these two make some beautiful music ass music together. Watch the Throne - 'Nuff Said. 

3. Brad Pitt + George Clooney: These two are what we affectionately refer to as bro-aspiration or brospiration. When bros become men, you can only hope to be half as awesome as this dynamic duo. How awesome must it be to have worked in several movies with your best bro by your side? We wonder what these two must talk about when you are the two most awesomest grown bros, ever? Bottoms up to another 50 years you two.

4. Bill Belichick + Tom Brady: Perhaps this bromance is more of a Father-Son fling, but nonetheless, Tom Brady is Bill Belichick's ride-or-die-bro. Love 'em or hate 'em, these have broken records together which include the most wins as a starting QB + the most career coaching wins. 


5. James Franco + Seth Rogen: Last, but certainly not least, we had to end with the most hysterical, makes-you-laugh-so-hard-you-cry bromance that is literally in a league of their own.These two are closer than close - remember that recreation of Bound 2? Amazing. Pineapple Express? A classic. It's also pretty bad ass to have the entire world - literally the entire world - talking about your movie that isn't allowed to be released because of hacker paranoia? Pretty bad ass to have your best broman by your side. Keep on keepin' on bros and we will keep on laughing.

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Why Earl Thomas is One Fly Mofo

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If you didn't catch our flood of tweets on Superbowl Media Day, Earl Thomas - #29 of the Seattle Seahawks addressed the media looking like one fly mofo. Here's why we think Earl is killin the game:

  • This hat basically says I-dont-give-a-f*#% what you think. You'd could either be a bro about to tee off a fresh 18 or maybe on your grandpa chillen' on the beach. Earl Thomas Don't Care. He fielded questions at the Super Bowl XLIX Media Day in New Era Seattle Seahawks Training Straw Hat . Yes - a straw hat - now making farmer fashion feel versatile and cool for any occasion. PS - TOTAL bro move. 

  • Teammate Marshawn Lynch tossed his boy Earl a pair of our Beast Modes 3.0. You can only imagine our excitement when we started seeing pics and posts all over NFL Network with this man rocking our shades. Keepin’ it boss in the neon and blue bro - we appreciatecha. 
    • Earl Thomas came out with his shoe game on lock, sporting the metallic/liquid metal-esque Air Jordan 6 “Super Bowl” PEs with black laces for contrast. His kicks come custom with a premium quilted insole showcasing a custom Superbowl crest with the Seahawks Logo and his number #29. Some fresh, customized J's definitely screams dopeness brooooo.

    With his outfit game tight, we tip our hat to the man, the bro, Earl Thomas. 

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      Top 6 Most Brotastic Gifts

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      Contrary to popular belief, bros are pretty easy when it comes to shopping for them and what makes 'em happy. No need to over complicate things, we've found our top 5 best most brotastical gifts for all the quintessential bros in your life. 

      1. Polaroll Camera Toilet Paper Holder + Paper


      Oh yes.. this is a real thing. We aren't suggesting that this is a stand alone gift, but any frat bro would appreciate additional entertainment in their 'sanctuary'. Pick this one up at Urban Outfitters or online.

       2. Pong Head Game

      You might be asking yourself why? The question you should be asking is why the hell not? This is the gift that will keep giving... at every party.


      3. Hammer Shades


      These shade mavens are a must. Our Hammers - no matter what color - are like Facebook in real life, because they allow you to start at people without getting caught, all the while looking like a complete bad ass.


      4. 'The Where Am I?' Shorts 

       Now we know what you are thinking, 'HB, really shorts in the middle of Winter?' To that we say yes, because with Chubbies 'Skies Out, Thighs Out' motto is applicable 24/7, 365. Just get them, ok?


      5. Old Glory Feat Socks

       Nothing says patriotism quite like wearing it on your feet. Anything to do with 'Merica is going to be a home-run win with your bro.


      6. Rowdy Gentleman Tees


      Rowdy gentleman, need we say more? These shirts and tanks are sure to round out any broholiday. If you aren't familiar, the above are a mild sampling of 80s-throwbacks/fratty/America/Reagan-Bush/Sunday Funday-themed or otherwise quintessentially rowdy gear. We are all about it.

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