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Our 5 Best Celeb Bromances

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, we decided to flip the script and focus on arguably the most importance relationship with that special someone - not your girlfriend -  but your best bro. We are counting down our top 5 favorite bromances who take besties with testes to a whole other level.  1. Justin Timberlake + Jimmy Fallon: When music and comedic genius collide, it's in the form of JT + JF. We'll admit it, if there was a chance for us to be the third wheel of this bromance, we'd jump right on board. If you have been living under a rock and haven't caught moments like History of Rap or when JT is impersonating JF, these guys are...

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24 Hours Only - Beast Modes are BACK!

We are really excited to say that we have crossed the 5,000 Facebook Fans so a HUGE thank you to all our babes and bros out there for sharing the bromance with your friends. As our way of saying 'thank you', we wanted to do something extra special for you. For 24 Hours only, we are bringing back the Limited Edition Marshawn Lynch Beast Modes shades! We have 300 only so gettem while they are here and hot! 

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Chubbies + HB - A Bromance in the Making..

We recently stumbled across a company who truly gets what we are all about. They get the desire to be carefree and just enjoying life, but most of all they truly understand the idea of just broing out. Chubbies Shorts - if you don't know, now your know. Bros - if you don't have some, we are shaking our heads at you - go get some immediately. Babes - go pick some up for your man - you will thank us later. Their slogan - 'Skies out, Thighs Out' we were completely sold. Started by a bunch of bros, these guys have breathed new life into men's short with both interesting prints and comedy. Did we mention that their zippers all say ' bomchickawahwah'...

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