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Oktoberfest in Munich.. and it's not even October yet

  We are in Himmel der Bayern - that's German for Heaven of the Bavarians with these headbabes in full das boot, Beer Maiden costume.. HOTT. These chicks were snapped at the 204th Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany {it certainly doesn't get any more legit than that!}. Seen here are our Gold Originals  and Magma Hammers in full effect. Way to represent internationally ladies.. Way-to-go.

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Our boy Zach Nichols

  MTV's Zach Nichols is a total bro. He's a bros' bro. He's flexin' so hard in his hammers he took the color right out of this pic. Want to look like a diesel, animal-loving babe magnet? Then use promo code ZACH to save 15% off at checkout now!

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