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Introducing the Timber Collection!

Introducing the Timber Collection! For those who loved our Woodies, these are the latest collection of popular styles with a modern spin. Made from sustainable materials that are both trendy and socially aware, we've taken our Originals and framed them in a classic as well as two tone wooden zebra pattern. Our popular Hammers have been framed in multi-colored plywood that is typically used to build skateboard decks. All HeadBro Timbers are polarized and feature quality polycarbonate lenses. We hope you enjoy the leaves turning as well as people's heads when you wear yours around town.Remember snap and share your pics with #headbro ! 

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NFL Sunday

Our boy Scott Parker is the owner of popular restaurant and bar - A-town - is the hottest spot right outside of DC. This place is always packed but on NFL Sunday, you can expect drinks flowing, delicious food and a midget that is sometimes dressed up as random characters.. Yes we said midgets... A-town is a certified HB chill spot. Here he is rocking the hell out of our Magma Hammers. 'Preciate ya bro!

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Oktoberfest in Munich.. and it's not even October yet

  We are in Himmel der Bayern - that's German for Heaven of the Bavarians with these headbabes in full das boot, Beer Maiden costume.. HOTT. These chicks were snapped at the 204th Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany {it certainly doesn't get any more legit than that!}. Seen here are our Gold Originals  and Magma Hammers in full effect. Way to represent internationally ladies.. Way-to-go.

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